The Photographer


My beautiful wife and my hilarious daughter

New Orleans: Allen Toussaint, culture, food, architecture, Turducken,  Embracing of more is more 

Cooking, smoking, grilling, curing, baking, searing

Pope Francis (Cannot believe I am down with a Pope) 

Things with wheels: Colnagos, Porsches

Soccer...who knew?

Whiskey, Scotch, Bourbon preferably accompanied by peace and friends

Moonlight, Stranger Things, movies w/o famous actors  

Avedon, Penn, Selgado, Watson, Weegee, McGinley, Roversi, Meisel

Roth, Wolfe, Talese, NY Times, New York Magazine, Apple Music

Live music that transcends: My Morning Jacket, Gary Clark Jr., Flaming Lips

Science, facts, and metrics combined with heart and passion


Not So Much:

Lack of curiosity

The current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.



I've been doing this a while, there have been and continue to be many great ones.